Separation of organic refuse

We supply complex process plant from our specialist Dutch supplier MAVITEC for unpacking (semi) wet by-products, dry by-products, recycling brown bin refuse, melting down fats and yellow grease, breaking down agricultural by-products and sterilisation/pasteurisation of by-products in the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective mode, according to customer requirements.


The recycling industry processes and separates materials (refuse) into new products to prevent the loss of potentially useful substances.

MAVITEC Green Energy focuses specifically on recycling by-products and foods, including organic household refuse, supermarket surplus, fat from snack bars, restaurant leftovers, agricultural refuse etc.

MAVITEC has developed six unique systems for recycling the following by-products:

  • Wet food line for unpacking wet organic by-products
  • Dry food line for unpacking dry organic by-products
  • “Brown bin” refuse recycling system
  • Fat melting systems
  • Systems for breaking down agricultural by-products
  • Pasteurising/sterilising systems

What can MAVITEC Green Energy systems do for you?

  • Short-term ROI
  • High quality end-products
  • High quality machinery
  • Proven concepts
  • Enhanced hygiene: storage of organic materials in sealed tanks
  • Lower transport costs: initial processing of refuse into manageable volumes
  • Eco-friendly: refuse converted to energy sustainably

MAVITEC Green Energy means extra value from processing organic waste products.


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