Biological and chemical purification and desulfurization – gases and exhaust air

Air and gas purification (+ odor control)

We corporate with a number of different experts in Europe to offer purification systems for exhaust air and biogas. These can be systems that are built on biological treatment as well as chemical treatment, where there is no alternative. Contact us if you are bothered by odors from sewers, wells, etc., or if you need to remove Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from the biogas. – We have a wide range of experts behind us.

Flow from 0-5000 Nm3 / h and H2S content up to 4,000 ppm.

Every biogas plant requires a customized concept to remove hydrogen sulfide. We are happy to help find the solution that best suits the task, of course in collaboration with our customers.

Bio scrubber
Bio trickling
Chemical Scrubber

We also have a biological filter material available that can be used to advantage immediately before activated carbon and in many cases can completely replace activated carbon. This biological material can handle the moisture in the gas and there is no need to cool the gas before filtration. With this filter material you reduce the CO2 footprint considerably and reduce power consumption. The content of H2s can not be higher than with activated carbon, but this filter material is, for example, suitable for purifying the biogas / CO2 gas down to a minimum of H2S.

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