Pall rings

We supply products from the Pall Ring Company in the UK.
The range includes specialist plastic elements for biological sulphur purification and flue gas filtering.

At The Pall Ring Company we are able to provide our customers with an extensive range of products for mass transfer operations which include gas scrubbing, stripping, de-aeration, degassing, biological filtration and mechanical filtration.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, our stringent quality systems ensure full component traceability. With a wealth of experience and expertise, The Pall Ring Company has the ability to meet all your requirements for tower internals.

Our innovative products and areas of expertise include:

  • Plast And Metal Tower Packings
  • Trickle Filter and biological Media
  • Packing Support Plates
  • Liquid Distribution Systems
  • Re-distributors
  • Bed Limiters
  • Demisters
  • Aquarium And Pond Filter Media
  • CNC Routing And Milling
  • Process Design
  • Packaging And Transport
  • Buy Assignments

Want to learn more?

For further information, call us on +45 5571 1110

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