Gas storage

Through our collaboration with Ecomembrane (Italy), you get access to a comprehensive program of solutions for biogas storage systems, with volumes from 50 m³ to more than 16,000 m³.

Ecomembrane has production in 3 continents: Italy, North Korea and the USA. This means that you can count on delivery security, service, etc., if you e.g. builds facilities internationally.

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World Record Storage
ECOMEMBRANE’s knowledge and experience has enabled them to manufacture and install the world’s biggest membrane gasholders which are ideal for clients who require large gas storage facilities.

On Demand Products
All ECOMEMBRANE’s products can be manufactured and customized to specific sizes, storage capacities, shapes and colors specified by the client.

High working pressure
In-house designed pressure control valves and use of high quality materials allow ECOMEMBRANE’s gasholders to operate at working pressures beyond which our competitors can reach.

High Quality
Every product component has been designed with the best materials available, to ensure high performance standards for many years of use.

Low maintenance
ECOMEMBRANE products are designed and installed with the goal of minimizing maintenance costs over the life span of the product.

ECOMEMBRANE product designs and methods of manufacture are protected by national and international patents.

Product data

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