Gasbooster and industrial fans

Savio designs, manufactures and installs air and gas treatment systems in various market sectors, ensuring technical skills and consolidated experience for various industrial applications. Savio’s experience base and know-how, is based on commitment and experience for over 60 years.







  • Pressure increase of biogas (Biogas plants, wastewater plants, landfills and anaerobic digestion processes)
  • Aquaculture, fish farming, aeration, etc.
  • Gas and air pressure for boilers, torches and burners
  • Wastewater treatment (water oxidation)
  • Cooling and drying systems
  • Pneumatic transport
  • Vacuum devices (packaging, textiles, etc.)

All our products can be manufactured in accordance with ATEX specifications as required

* Centrifugal industrial fans

High, medium and low pressure centrifugal fans for industrial use

Over 15 different series for solving all possible ventilation tasks, direct coupling or transmission of belts and pulleys. Aluminum or steel impellers with different types of fan housing, according to the purpose of use and the degree of dust particles. Suitable for round or square pipes. Designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Volume up to 400,000 m3 / h and pressures up to 25,000 Pa.

High pressure centrifugal industrial fans

– Pressure can be reached up to approx. 2500 mm and they are ideal for transporting vapors and dust mixed with air.

Medium pressure centrifugal industrial fans

– Can reach a pressure up to approx. 600/700 mm, ideal for transporting steam, powders, granules, sawdust or even wood chips in a mixture with air.

Low pressure centrifugal industrial fans

– Can reach a pressure up to approx. 300 mm, ideal for ventilation and conditioning of industrial areas, extraction of air, vapors from solvents, drying and elimination of vapors and harmful gases.

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