Tank cover

MSD Design / GRP has through approx. 20 years, delivered design, production and installation of composite solutions for i.a. covering of tanks. In the large production facilities, components are manufactured based on 3D design, for both onshore and offshore.

When needed we combine the covers with efficient systems for cleaning exhaust air / gases. Removing odor and H2S.

GRP Conical Covers are lightweight, robust products which provide an odour control solution for the Waste Water Treatment industry. They are designed to fit circular steel or concrete tanks. Various sizes of free spanning (self-supporting) conical covers can be engineered, designed and manufactured using identical GRP moulded segments/petals bolted to each other and to the central ring.

Conical tank covers are usually set at 20° with petals to suit varying tank diameters, from 2meters up to 30meters diameter. Larger diameters may require a central structural support.

We use wide variety of high quality Lloyds approved resins, fibres and gels and can supply a standard covers as well as those individually designed to customers specification to suit extreme environments or extreme heat and chemical exposure.

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