overdækning af gylletanke og procestanke

In collaboration with our partners, we can supply and install tank covers on slurry and pre-tanks. We compete first and foremost on good material selection, high craftsmanship quality and price.
If you are looking for a steel tank, we are happy to help and advise about this as well.

Greenhouse gases
Emissions from more than 20,000 (DK) tanks in agriculture and even more in the wastewater industry place great demands on the type and quality of covers in the industry.

In addition to holding on to the greenhouse gases, the coverings also prevent or limit the spread of odors in the surrounding areas. This naturally also reduces the risk of complaints from fellow citizens. This has so far been the main reason for acquisition in the industry.

Ministry of the Environment
According to the DK Ministry of the Environment’s norm no. 1695 of 19 December 2006 “Executive Order on livestock farming and animal husbandry for more than 3 animal units, livestock manure, silage, etc.” with subsequent amendments, tanks and containers for liquid livestock manure must be provided with a fixed cover.

Efficient storage capacity
By establishing a fixed cover that prevents rainwater in the slurry tank, a greater efficient storage capacity is achieved. Costs can also be saved for the spreading of the rainwater that would otherwise accumulate in the tank.

Low maintenance
Every solution works with a goal of the lowest possible maintenance. When using “Tent cover” type, there is virtually no maintenance once it is installed.

Does it make a difference?
Several studies over the years and latest by 2020, show that the greatest reduction effect on greenhouse gases comes from permanent covering of the tanks. (Ref. Study in agriculture; Mette Hjorth Mikkelsen & Rikke Albrektsen, Department of Environmental Science)

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