Bio shredder

We are the exclusive suppliers of top German company BOMATIC´s Vertical-Shredder.

We can provide advice, design, planning and engineering to integrate the shredder with a VARIO feeder and weight measurement system from our German supplier Terbrack Maschinenbau.

Method of operation

The material is introduced into the machine via an opening on the top of the housing. On the floor of the crushing chamber a vertical impact tool turns with a very high speed. On the impact tool are fixed movable holder elements with easy changeable impact plates. The material comes into contact with the impact tool and is moved around and broken up by the impact load.

One of the machine’s special features is the impact plates are mounted moveably. If the impact plates get into contact with heavy parts they are able to swing away backwards. So it is possible to avoid bigger damages of the machine by foreign parts.

The machine could be driven continuously, in special cases is it also possible to run the machine in batch mode.

Want to learn more?

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