Separation of organic refuse

Mavitec Depackaging machines are the heart of our recycling process for shop return of supermarkets, organic household waste, commercial organic waste, restaurant leftovers, hotel leftovers etc. Capacity from 2 to 30 m3 per hour.

Mavitec Green Energy has developed two proven systems for the depackaging of packed foodwaste: the Shop return line and the Paddle Depacker recycling line. The first line consists of a Martinater (special hammer mill) a Shop Return Press and in addition a washing drum can be added to produce even cleaner packaging (up to 99,7%). This line is designed for monostream supermarket returns. The second line consists of a Paddle Depacker that is available in two sizes and is designed to handle a more diverse waste like restaurant/hotel waste & kerbside collected waste.

The Solutions of Mavitec Green Energy are aimed at producing the cleanest organic soup and the cleanest packaging fraction. Both systems can produce one of the cleanest organic output in the market (> 99,5% clean).

What can MAVITEC Green Energy systems do for you?

  • Short-term ROI
  • High quality end-products
  • High quality machinery
  • Proven concepts
  • Enhanced hygiene: storage of organic materials in sealed tanks
  • Lower transport costs: initial processing of refuse into manageable volumes
  • Eco-friendly: refuse converted to energy sustainably

MAVITEC Green Energy means extra value from processing organic waste products.

The Paddle Depacker Roadshow unit is a complete food waste depackaging unit to test your own material at your own site. The trailer is equipped with a complete Paddle Depacker system, handling up to 30 m3 material per hour. Including 4 m3 twin screw, feeding hopper, Paddle Depacker and discharge options for organic material (wet and dry) and plastics. The complete unit is operated easily by a digital control panel with touch screen and is up and running in less than 1 hour; only power and/or liquid is needed!

Want to learn more?

For further information, call us on +45 5571 1110

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